3 Things You Should Bring to an RC Car Track

There are some things that every Radio Control car driver should bring to the race track. Without them, there’s a big chance you might miss out on all the fun. Some clubs have rental equipment on standby, but that is usually an expensive and inconvenient way to approach this hobby.

Here are some of the things you will need on a typical RCC track day.

A Set of Tools

It might seem obvious, but most people overlook the little fact that a car can need tweaking while out on the track. The last thing you want is to borrow a screwdriver in the middle of a race as it is a considerable inconvenience to the competitor. For this reason, bring all the standard tools used in essential maintenance. Better still, come with an extra car or Play Royal Vegas car-themed games instead during the break.

Battery Charger

Surprisingly, most people remember to bring a car battery, extra tyres and a folding table but forget to bring the most important thing – the charger. If you are rocking with an electric RC car, chances are, you will run out of juice soon after the fun starts. And nobody will let you use their charger. So, be sure to put it in the real car before leaving for the track.


Most people show up on the track during hot, sunny days. If you do, please remember to bring enough sunscreen to avoid sun damage at the end of the day. It is also advisable to bring a phone and charger so you can play online casino games during breaks and take videos for the online community.

Ideally, you should view several Youtube videos to get a rough idea of what you’ll need for a race. Alternatively, ask forum members to point you in the right direction.