Top Three RC Car Racing Club Meeting Venues in the UK

Radio-controlled car racing has been growing in popularity among kids and adults in the past couple of years. It is emerging as a fun hobby for car enthusiasts, and there’s even a new tribe of racers who are building a sport out of it. For this reason, nitro heads in the UK meet up to chart a way forward for the industry. Here are the top three venues for RCC club meetings within the nation.

Nene RC Car Club

Nene features one of the best off-road tracks in all of England. It favours cars from the 1/10 scale with its 340m long trail, but there is also a dedicated 1/8 section. Club members are on different levels of experience with some being international, national, and regional racers who come to practise and participate in club meetings.

Sussex RC Car Club

Sussex RC Car Club is another predominantly largescale track that welcomes all scales and bashes. According to reviews, this club has the most passionate racers who are openly friendly to random strangers. However, the trail opens only once a month for races and occasional club meetings.

ARC Raceway UK

ARC takes a slightly different approach to RC racing. They open their track every day and charge a measly £10 to play for a whole day. On top of that, they offer air cleaning, large workbenches, and even provide a full RC car service. They also hold regular RCC meetups that are open to people of all ages, skill levels, and knowledge.

These might not be all the RC car clubs that hold meetings in the country, but they are the biggest and most popular ones right now. Even so, you might be required to have a membership to get into these events, so you may wish to do your homework before showing up.