Here’s What to Expect at a Radio Control Car Club Meeting

RCC clubs need some form of structure to ensure growth and smooth operations. For this reason, members need to park their cars at least once a month to discuss club affairs. However, only registered members are invited to these meetings.

Here are some of the things to expect in an RC car Club meeting:

Making More Club Rules

Making rules is perhaps the most important thing that happens in a club meeting. Members present pressing issues about the club, and everybody has a go at it. The leadership of the club acts as the ‘speaker,’ listening to all points and having them written down for further research and record keeping. Any decisions made in these sittings becomes club regulation, and there are consequences for people who decide to go against them. When all is said and done, members are free to do whatever they like, including playing in the Lucky nugget New Zealand casino.

Discussing Development

Other times, meetings are geared towards planning and executing development projects that may interest the RC car club. It can be a band new off-roading track or extra parking space for members. Whatever it is, members may decide to raise money for the project or use existing funds to pay for it. However, most people never show up for these meetings, and they end up being unsatisfied with the decisions made – especially those involving contributions.

Wrapping Up

Most club meetings are short and straight to the point. That’s because there is always a list of things to discuss in every session. For this reason, members who come to the meeting can leave early to enjoy the rest of the day playing online casino games or spend time with family.

Ideally, that’s how a typical club meeting should look like. But, it is worth noting that there is no standard procedure for these meetings. Programs may differ from one club to the other.