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Hi, you've reached the website of the Hamilton Radio Control Car Club Inc. (HRCCC), the nations largest R/C car club and premier club in the beautiful city of Hamilton. Established in 1988, HRCCC strives to provide a quality service to all keen R/C racers throughout the greater Waikato area.

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HRCCC AGM - Your help is required  28/09/15 09:18PM (215)
3rd October 12PM is Hamilton Radio Control Car Clubs (HRCCC) Annual General Meeting (AGM). I am encouraging all members to come along, join in, stand up and have your say. Apart from the usual, electing of the new 2016 executive and committee and end of year reports from the 2015 year, we will also be talking about and making decisions for the future of HRCCC. With the enormous growth we have experienced over the past couple of years the changes in rules over that time and the number of cars we are getting at our club meetings. Changes need to be made to ensure the growth, sustainability and direction of the club. So with all this being said, it's also your club also and as a paid member if you want to be part of this decision process 3rd October 12PM will be the place to be.
If a change happens and it effects you, and you weren't there, then you can't really complain about it, can you. Something to think about.
Hamilton Table Tennis Centre
3rd October 2015
12:00 PM
Mike Peck
Working Bee - Bristol Park this Sunday  17/09/15 06:58AM (214)
We are having a working bee at Bristol Park this Sunday from 9.30am to 3pm(ish). The state of the area is affecting our application to move outdoor racing to Pukete Farm Park. The idea is to remove all of the rubbish, ropes and give the area a big tidy up. I know this is late notice but we need help from as many people as possible. Even if you're only able to spare a few hours on Sunday it would be greatly appreciated. I hope to see you there.
Rally Car Class Update  14/09/15 10:05PM (213)
Hi Everyone, we've added the following chassis to the Rally Car Class:
LOS01008 - Mini Rally RTR :1/14 4WD Rally
LOS01007 - Mini Desert Truck RTR :1/14 4WD Truck
The following parts are also approved for the class:
LOS210006 - Body Set Painted: Mini Rally
LOS210007 - Body Set Clear: Mini Rally
Body Set Painted:1/14 Mini Desert Truck (Part# TBC)
LOS41005 - Orange Rims with Kit Tyres
General Notices  09/09/15 11:20PM (212)
In addition to the notice regarding racing on Saturday, we'd like to let everyone know that we will no longer be sorting finals into even groups. The process needs to be done manually and it is simply taking too long and open to errors.

HRCCC AGM - Saturday 3rd October 2015 @ 12pm - Waikato Table Tennis Centre.

As of the 3rd October meeting, racing at our club days will be starting 30 minutes earlier. Practice sessions will run from 2pm to 2.40pm, 2.40pm to 3.20pm, drivers briefing at 3.25pm, Registrations will close at 3pm sharp. Racing starting at 3.30pm. This does not affect the meeting this weekend (12th September).
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