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Hi, you've reached the website of the Hamilton Radio Control Car Club Inc. (HRCCC), the nations largest R/C car club and premier club in the beautiful city of Hamilton. Established in 1988, HRCCC strives to provide a quality service to all keen R/C racers throughout the greater Waikato area.

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April Points Meeting  18/04/16 07:46PM (223)
Hamilton Points Meeting 23rd April Timetable: 8.00am Doors open (Be there at 8 to help setup if racing onroad), Practice 09.45 - 10.15, Racing starts at 10.25am Approx. On 10 heats I would expect just under 4 hours of racing so finished by 2.30 (Must be finished by 3pm) Offroad Registrations open at approx 3pm, Practice starts at 3.10pm - 3.50pm. Racing starts at 4pm. On a max of 12 heats is 1 hr 40 mins a round. (5 hours racing) finished by 9pm. Packed up by 9.40ish (If everyone who races Offroad stays to packup this could be earlier). Please Pre-Register at http://www.hrccc.co.nz Already a lot of people have registered, get in quick. For a class to run there must be 4 cars registered also, please ensure you pre-reg it helps encourage those is the smaller classes to attend if they have people to race against. Rally for Onroad was awesome last time, if you have one of these beasts bring it along and have a go. I reckon potentially better as a class then it was last year with jumps. 2nd to last chance to get in practice for the Waikato Champs in late May so get your cars out folks
2015 Prize Giving/2016 Round 1 Points Meeting  03/02/16 09:55AM (222)
First points round for 2016 is on this weekend at the Table Tennis Centre, Hamilton. We are also holding the 2015 Prize giving between meetings at 2.00pm to present trophies and awards. It would be great to see as many of you as possible there to celebrate all of the success from 2015!

Few points which need to be noted:
- Rally, and both buggy classes are included for the onroad section of the day also, these will NOT have jumps.
- If we have too many heats the first option will be to combine 2wd and 4wd Buggy
- If the Onroad takes off as we want it too and we start pushing the timeslot then the offroad classes run in the morning (Rally, 2wd and 4wd Buggy) will be removed from the Onroad section of the day.
- People running in the morning need to support this by turning up and setting up, we cannot run late!!
- If you Pre Reg it WILL make things easier on the day.

Timetable for the 30th is below, shop will be open from late morning and eftpos will be available. 8.00am Doors open(Be there at 8 to help setup if racing onroad), Practice 09.30 - 10.15, Racing starts at 10.30am.

2015 Prizegiving will be held at 2.00pm between to onroad and offroad meetings.

Offroad Registrations open at 3pm, Practise starts at 3.10pm - 3.50pm. Racing starts at 4pm. Please Pre Register at http://www.hrccc.co.nz - See you all soon.
2016 Membership Form  30/11/15 09:30PM (221)
Hi everyone, the 2016 Club Membership form is now available for downloading. Click on the downloads section in the menu above.
2015 Waikato Champs Timetable  17/11/15 02:43PM (220)
Hi Everyone, Meeting timetable for the Waikato Champs:
Saturday: 6.30am Doors Open, 7am-7.45am Open Onroad Practice, 8am-9am Open Offroad Practice, 9.10am Drivers Briefing, 9.15am Qualifier 1, 11.45am Qualifier 2, 2.15pm Qualifier 3, 4.45pm Finish.
Sunday: 7am Doors Open, 8am Final 1, 10.30am Final 2, 1pm Final 3, 3.30pm Finish, 4pm Prize Giving.
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