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Hi, you've reached the website of the Hamilton Radio Control Car Club Inc. (HRCCC), the nations largest R/C car club and premier club in the beautiful city of Hamilton. Established in 1988, HRCCC strives to provide a quality service to all keen R/C racers throughout the greater Waikato area.

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The hall has been accidentally double booked for this weekend and as a result we have had no choice but to move our meeting scheduled for this Saturday (5th) to Saturday (12th). We have done everything in our power to try and get around this but we have been left with no options. Our apologies to everyone. We hope that this type of misfortune situation never occurs again. If you see any fellow racers before Saturday, please pass this info on.
NZRCA Remits Review Meeting  09/08/15 05:59PM (208)
Hi All HRCCC members, We are having a meeting this Wednesday 12th August @ 7pm to talk about the above. We are meeting at the table tennis hall. All HRCCC club members are welcome to attend to discuss the remits.
Indoor/Offroad Points Meeting - 1st August  28/07/15 10:38PM (207)
The next round of the 2015 club champs takes place 1st august. Racing takes place at the Waikato Table Tennis Centre on Edgecumbe St, Hamilton. Both onroad and offroad classes are on offer. Don't forget, you need to be a club member to receive points. The food shop will be operating in full swing so please support it, it all helps to cover our bills. Please pre register if you can, it will make a huge difference to speeding up the night. Please note that practice sessions will be swapped between onroad and offroad for each meeting so this time its offroads turn to start first. Offroad practice runs from 2.30pm to 3.10pm. Onroad practice from 3.15pm to 3.55pm, first qualifier under way at 4pm. I think this will be a big night as people will want to prepare for the nationals two weeks later. :) We are looking into the availability of the hall again to setup at 9am to get practise in. This is not confirmed but I need to know if you are interested, please msg me if you are. Remember you would need to be there at 9am to setup to be eligible and also be able to packup at the nights end, last time the morning was very successful and we had plenty to gain, but unfortunately only a handful of people packed up so will now make this a requirement. If you wish to take part in the practise please message me. Cheers, Matt
All Comers Class - Re-introduced  28/07/15 10:36PM (206)
HRCCC will be re-introducing an all-comers class for our indoor club nights effective immediately. This class will be open to all drivers/cars (10th scale or smaller only) with normal race fees applying. There will be 2 qualifiers and 1 final for the all-comers class. There will be no jumps provided for the all-comers class and it will run before the onroad classes. Timing will be provided for those who wish to see their lap and/or race times. We’re still working on adding this class to the pre-registration system so in the meantime we’d ask that you inform the race director on the night if you wish to enter this class. In addition to providing a racing category for new racers who wish to try racing, it will also be a class where cars which do not met our club rules can race. When you are registering or paying for your pre-registration on the night, you will be asked if your car complies with the clubs rules. If you are unsure, please ask. The committee will be happy to advise you on which class your car will fit into. If your car fails to comply with the clubs rules, you will be recommended to move to the all-comers class. If you wish to continue to run your car in a normal class and your car continues to fail scruitneering, it will be disqualified. Any car that is disqualified from both qualifiers will be classed as not registering a lap and will be excluded from a final. This rule only applies to club championship classes and excludes juniors and all-comers classes. Also, please be aware that there will be a minimum of 3 cars required to register on the night for the all-comers class to run. With this in mind, we highly recommend you get your car up to spec so it meets our rules and there will be no chance you will not get to run. You can find the clubs rules on our website – www.hrccc.co.nz and click on the downloads tab in the menu.
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